Accelerating Global Talents

We are on the mission to globalize Africa talents. Our goal is to develop talents that top tech and non-tech firms are on the lookout for.

Who we are

Our Mission

To ensure that Sub-Saharan Africa has competitive and highly skilled talents that will help foster her growth and economic prosperity.


Our Approach

We combine technology and traditional in-class with the best local and international faculty to help you acquire globally relevant skills that top tech firms are hiring for. We also help our partner firms connect to talents faster than ever.


Our Target

Are you looking at joining a great team and company? Do you want to be top world-class talent? Then this is for you. We are working with junior and mid-level professionals across different industries. Also, we have a strong presence across 25 Nigerian Institutions.

Our Proposition

Utiva develops top 10% best talents for tech-driven businesses. We help them learn top skills, get strong with workplace values and agility. We can help you find the best talent in the shortest and possible time.


Who is a Utivan?

Chloe is a 20-year-old graduate of Sociology from Obafemi Awolowo University. After school, she applied to the sales and business development team of a fintech company in Lagos. That’s her passion and her identified career path. Her biggest aspiration is to rise to the level of a Vice President, Business Development of a fortune 500 company! During her first interview, the interviewer mentioned that the startup just received a first-round investment.

‘Yes sir, I read about it. And XYZ Inc is now valued at 420 million Naira and the investment was at an equity of 12% Naira.’ She quickly asked for an opportunity to review the company’s sales strategy as against its revenue target for the next fiscal year. She also mentioned that she is willing to sit with the head of growth to best understand the B2B sales approach so that she could develop some more competitive strategies while creating shared value structure. ‘I’m willing to come to make some proper presentation to the team before I am considered for this role and would also want to review if this is a good fit for my career in enterprise sales.’ She affirmed gently.
The CEO observed with incredible amazement and quickly responded. ’Please come in 2 days. I will ensure I listen to you, Chloe.’

Chloe is a Utivan

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We are committed to helping {YOU} develop skills that will help you transition into the industry without any challenge.

We work directly in partnership with local firms and global companies, learning institutions and policy creators to first understand the ever-changing demands for skillful employees and develop to close the skill gap.