Accelerating Global Talents

We are on the mission to globalize Africa talents. Our goal is to develop talents that top tech and non-tech firms are on the lookout for.

Who we are

Our Mission

We are on the mission to ACCELERATE Africa's top talents for global businesses and brands. We are designed as a MARKETPLACE for digitally skilled talents


Our Approach

Our learning programs and training pedagogies are co-created with businesses and deployed by top industry leaders. Utiva also augment learning by deploying an AI & machine learning enterprise solutions.


Our Proposition

We are digitalizing the workforce of emerging businesses brands. Think about Utiva as that organization that helps you create the intersection between business and technology. We help your team develop digital skills for the future of work.

Our Technology

Our online learning experience integrates an enterprise-deployable solution for remote learning and a support system which is highly powered by Machine Learning and AI for reinforcing knowledge.


Who is a Utivan?

Ife is a 26-year old professional that currently works as a product manager with a traditional bank in Nigeria. His goal for the next 1 year is to transition into the FinTech industry, coveting the role of Vice President, Product Development and Engineering. Although He studied Sociology in one of the Universities in Nigeria, his 7 years’ experience in the traditional industry will be very instrumental in the new tech industry.

His biggest challenge, however, is to develop the skills that are relevant to his new aspiration and the future of that industry. Ife joined the Utiva Data Academy in 2018 and completed a Data Science program with a special interest in Machine Learning and AI. Within 7 months of continuous learning, he reached pro status in Python, SQL and Power BI.

Ife started attending the Utiva hangout sessions, meeting different employers and building relationship for future opportunity. In 2019, Ife landed a new job with Paystack as a product manager. He currently supports the entire company by creating new features and developing products that are data-driven. Currently, Ife is a part of the Utiva Design Lab where he is learning how to build the ‘Hook effect’

Ife is one of the many talents accelerated by Utiva

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We are a data-driven learning platform that provides an unbeatable online training experience, allowing you to attend live lectures, collaborate with learners across different industries, and interact with faculties immediately.