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We are preparing Africa for the next revolution in the Digital Space and also helping global companies access the best of African Talents.



We work with industry leaders from top companies to co-create premium digital skill training that you need to perform in the Future of Work and 4th Industrial Revolution



We help leading companies build remote tech teams for their project or to work with their teams. We give you the best tech talent within our ecosystem and also provide high-level management


Our online learning experience integrates an enterprise-deployable solution for remote learning and a support system which is highly powered by Machine Learning and AI for reinforcing knowledge.


How I joined an Energy-Tech Company

I have been in the traditional energy industry for a while but I’ve always admired and loved the tech-driven sectors for some reasons.

As someone who had played major roles in the accounting and financial sector for more than 5 years, I was not sure of how to make my move especially with the several fears that served as allibi for those of us seeking transition to the tech industry.

Questions like ‘Is the tech industry only for developers and programmers?’, ‘Is there room for non-technical expertise?’ come to mind at every trial to move.

Sometimes this year, I decided to start to make sense of my accounting and financial skills; I joined the Utiva Data Accelerators program. I was able to use Power BI and other Machine Learning tools to drive financial insights.

Just 2 months into the Utiva program, I got a call from an energy company in Nigeria that just raised $7 million.
I moved from the ‘traditional’ energy industry to an exciting and fast-rising sector.

-- Tosin Kayode

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