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Utiva Ideology

Did you know? 96% of Nigeria educational institutions believe they prepare students for work, yet only 9% of Nigeria business leaders say today’s college graduates are prepared for work.

Utiva Learner

We are building a community of people who lead by doing. Skilled and talented employees for the future of work.

    You must be committed to the following:
  • Learn by doing.
  • Continuous skill development.
  • Ready to join the #UtivaEntrepreneurs lab.
  • Work through the entire learning process.
  • Earn a world class certificate that is respected by our partners around the world.

Utiva Faculty

We are super selective with the class of those that train for us. Our trainers are entrepreneurs, professionals and academia.

    Utiva Trainers are divided into three categories:
  • Utiva Thought Leaders; 15 years +, proven professional or entrepreneurial achievements.
  • Utiva Lead Trainers: 7 - 10 years+, excellent commitment to developing utivans and professional career and entrepreneurial excellence.
  • Utiva Associate Trainers: 3 - 5 year +, traction of professional and business success.

Utiva Team

We are a team of passionate and brilliant people. And yes, we are always hiring! We want the best for our students!! You can be a part of any of the following teams:

  • Leadership Team
  • Operations
  • Growth Hacks.
  • Backend Support

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