Utiva Mission

Did you know? 96% of Nigeria educational institutions believe they prepare students for work, yet only 9% of Nigeria business leaders say today’s college graduates are prepared for work.

  • 12000 Utivans
  • 30 Schools
  • 109 Trainers
  • 10 Competencies

A little bit about us

Utivans are continuous learners! The utiva's success is measured against how we innovate learning and bring technology to fall using impact driven methodology and approaches.
We are hardworking people but we need to move beyond just toiling to harnessing the vastness of our intelligence. We are committed to building the next generation of employees, intrapreneurs, startup growth hackers and learners.

We have an amazing network of decentralized trainers and faculty members with different backgrounds, expertise and success stories. Our company is growing at an annual rate of 32%, hence, we keep improving the quality of our people, faculty and their delivery pedagogy.

Our faculty members are not just trainers, but shareowners in the organization and friends of our students. People who are ideologically invested in our social mission.

Utiva believes in strategic partnerships. Our approach to learning is scalable and delivered in partnership with a network of trainers, thought-leaders, institutions, and companies.

We have received institutional support from these organizations over the years

We are really not alone in this journey! We are a venture capital backed and supported organization.

Guess what? We are scaling fast and growing! Utiva is open to discussing with you! Reach out to us now:
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